Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Emails at the end of the trades


as most of you noticed, we introduced a new feature, the "emails" at the end of the trades. These emails will be delivered in real time and report the details of the trade in a synthetic manner.

Personally I believe this is a great feature to control the bot in real time, especially if you have a smartphone and  a mobile internet connection.

The service is still "beta", there are still a couple of minor issues but we are working on them.


  1. I agree, it's a good feature, but you should give us the option to turn it off, as the mails could become annoying.

  2. I agree with the previous speaker, it's a good feature, but if you run a successful bot chain you will more likely get annoyed by the big amount of mails you receive. Some more options regarding what kind of trades you want mails for, autotransfer, buying, selling would be nice. I've actually put the mails to go straight to my junkmail since i thought i got to many of them... Also, if you have a smartphone with internet access you can just go to www.mtgolibrary.com and check the trades there, as i do when i'm away from home for some days.

  3. I stopped the "AutoTransfer" emails since they are useless. I could include a filter to forward only valuable trades report, such as (for example) trade whose total value is greater than 10 tixs.

  4. Yeah, that would be very nice! =)

  5. the filter for value over "X" would be great.