Sunday, November 27, 2011

Influences on cards value (Part 2)

In my last article I explained how certain card's value spike after being successfully used on tournaments. Today I will teach 3 (three) methods that you can use to predict possible cards that might be currently undervalued and be going up in the future.


Interviews can be a great tool to evaluate cards before a new set comes out, this will give you a heads up on which cards might be the "bombs" of a new set and which ones wont work as well, making 2 (two) different cards that might be at a similar value on a release swerve into different directions, just like the Mythic Skaab Ruinator's value dropped down to about 2 (two) Event Tickets and the rare Snapcaster Mage's value is still steady at about 10 (ten) Event tickets.

Live Events

You don't have to wait for the tournaments results to know which cards did well, watching interviews where the top players reveal what they are taking into a big event or watching the event live are a great tool to determine those cards even before there is a top8 announced.
Jun’ya Iyanaga, the Worlds 2011 champion, had 4 (four) copies of Inferno Titan, making his deck very different from most "Kessig Titan". While watching the live coverage of the event, I didn't need to wait for the third game of the final match to know that Inferno Titan's value was going up.


Articles are a fundamental tool on new sets pre-release, since they will show you all the possible new decks with both new cards, and previous set cards that were cheap before, this also includes set spoilers because they will show you which classic cards you might already have that are going to be reprinted in a new set, causing their value to go up or possibly down depending on the current rarity or price of that card.

You can find articles like this on the official Magic the Gathering articles "Daily MTG" or in any other unofficial site such as the MTGO Library blog.

In Part 3 I will talk about the correct way to change the price on specific cards on MTGO library bot, taking full advantage of these fluctuations.

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