Friday, November 18, 2011

This is for Professionals Only.

One of the biggest advantages of Magic Library is that you can simply install it, spend five (5) minutes customizing it, and setting it loose without any fear that you will be ripped off or after five (5) days, will have yet to make a trade.

In our continuing series on little known bot features, we're going to look at a feature found only in the Professional Version. (Lite Users are free to skip this article so long as you resume next time.) The feature in question is the Limits Tab.

This is a totally optional feature. It is not needed for the bot to operate normally. However, spending a little time here can definitely increase profits and/or decrease expenses, so we're going to spend a few moments looking over this easily overlooked feature.

As the name implies, this tab is where you set the limits. The limits are the MINIMUM the bot will sell a card for and the MAXIMUM the bot will pay to purchase a card. Let's look at an example:

Let's assume that there is a Mythic Rare which sells for four (4) tickets and will be bought for three (3) tickets. Normally the bot will handle this card like any other card.

Now let's add the caveat that you are just starting out and have a limited about of tickets which you can devote to increase your inventory. Using this tab, you can set limits so that you can purchase more cards instead of using your limited amount of capital on a few high-valued objects.

So we can set the tab to never spend more than one (1) ticket for a Mythic. This way, the bot will use THIS setting instead of the market price for the bot. The bot will still purchase the inexpensive Mythics, even at the market price. But by setting this tab, you won't be using all your tickets on a few select cards.

It may sound simplistic and it may sound like a useless feature. However, I've found this a very useful tool when I started using MTGO Library from Yatbot. It allowed me to increase my inventory without running out of tickets.

Next time, we're going to discuss a Go-Go song.

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