Tuesday, November 1, 2011

RTFPDF - Read the Frackin' PDF

As we leave Halloween behind us and look forward to the holiday season, I thought I would look at how we can we can maximize this annual occurrence to increase fun and profit. Large corporations plan for the holiday season around June, picking and choosing which items they are gambling will be the hot items. If this planning is good enough for the big box stores, why can't it be good enough for us?

In order to approach this, I think it would be profitable to read the manual. Oh, I know there isn't a printed manual for MTGO Library. There is a PDF that we can go over, but I am not being literal here. I am not referring to sitting down and reading an instruction manual.

What I'm referring to is going over the little used, possibly overlooked features on MTGO and see which ones need to be tweaked to improve the bot's performance and to increase profits.

I'm not planning a feature by feature exploration of the bot's features. That would bore you, my dear readers, and it would be boring for me to write it. This is not going to be an expanded explanation of things that would be printed in a 200 page manual.

Instead,we'll look at unorthodox traits to see where we can improve performance. We'll begin next time.

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