Thursday, November 24, 2011

You've Got Mail (Part 1)

We interrupt this series on little known bot features that you can utilize on vacation to discuss a new feature, which ironically, can also be used on vacation.. the Email after trades feature.

You probably noticed this sometime on Sunday when this feature went live when you started seeing these emails coming to your email address which you used to register your bot(s). Currently, the emails contain the basic information that is available when you use the website. A trade which one of my bots performed is listed below:

Mtgo Library Bot trades Report

Buddy name:





01x Blight Mamba (SOM,regular) 0.004
01x Burning Vengeance (ISD,regular) 0.013
01x Chancellor of the Spires (NPH,foil) 0.144
01x Chancellor of the Tangle (NPH,foil) 0.149
01x Contested War Zone (MBS,regular) 0.031
01x Crossway Vampire (ISD,regular) 0.004
01x Despise (NPH,regular) 0.013
01x Divine Reckoning (ISD,regular) 0.028
03x Feeling of Dread (ISD,regular) 0.005
01x Fresh Meat (NPH,foil) 0.252
01x Geist-Honored Monk (ISD,regular) 0.405
01x Ghost Quarter (ISD,foil) 0.013
01x Gideon%5C%27s Lawkeeper (M12,regular) 0.007
01x Gitaxian Probe (NPH,regular) 0.007
01x Glimmerpost (SOM,regular) 0.007
02x Goblin Fireslinger (M12,regular) 0.007
01x Gruesome Encore (MBS,foil) 0.013
01x Hand of the Praetors (SOM,foil) 0.403
02x Heartless Summoning (ISD,regular) 0.450
01x Hinterland Harbor (ISD,regular) 1.431
02x Intangible Virtue (ISD,regular) 0.013
01x Invisible Stalker (ISD,regular) 0.013
01x Invisible Stalker (ISD,foil) 0.013
01x Manic Vandal (M12,regular) 0.004
01x Mental Misstep (NPH,regular) 0.013
01x Moment of Heroism (ISD,regular) 0.004
01x Naturalize (M12,regular) 0.005
01x Night Terrors (ISD,regular) 0.004
01x Stonehorn Dignitary (M12,regular) 0.007
01x Stony Silence (ISD,regular) 0.031
01x Stromkirk Noble (ISD,regular) 1.926
01x Thraben Sentry (ISD,regular) 0.005
01x Timely Reinforcements (M12,regular) 0.013
01x Turn the Tide (MBS,foil) 0.006
03x Unruly Mob (ISD,regular) 0.004
01x Witchbane Orb (ISD,regular) 0.121


6.056 tixs, 43 cards involved

Incoming tixs:


Old buddy credits:


New Buddy credits:

0.944 (6.056 + 0 - 7)

Tix you have:


Trade fee:

0 ( 0% - pro license )

Total renting fee:



Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2

The information is fairly basic. It lists the bot and the user who did business with the bot. It tells you if the bot bought, sold, or traded. Sets, and foil status as well as price per card is listed along with the totals. The screenshots are hyperlinks so you can click on them and see the actual trades.

Personally, I never get tired of seeing trades like this. A new customer and a large transaction. What's not to like?

Next time, I'll go into more details and how we can use these emails to better get a handle on our business.

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