Sunday, November 27, 2011

Magic the Gathering Worlds

After four days of fierce competition, Worlds 2011 in present form came to an end. In next year Worlds will look totally different, because winning the National Championship will not authorize you to participation in Worlds. Only top16 players around the world will play there. To be in exclusive top16 you must fulfill one of these conditions: be 2011 World Champion or Magic Online Champion, be winner of Pro Tour, be the top-ranked player from each geo-region, be the top-ranked player in the worldwide Planeswalker Points. By now, everyone had realistic chance to take part in Worlds, whereas in 2012 it is almost not viable for average mortal. We will watch the same faces every year during future Worlds with low chances of any new pro player revelation. Anyway, the winner of 2011 Worlds is Jun'ya Iyanaga from Japan. He played red-green Wolf Run Ramp teched to smash all agro decks. Iyanaga defeated Richard Bland of England 3-0 in the finals. I’m not going to focus on game or neither their good nor bad plays, but on something what should interest every bot owner: producing extra tickets. Let me show present you how accurately prices changed during first day of Worlds. One of players come up with a new deck running Olivia Voldaren and did 5-1 result. Market reacted immediately. Price of this card raised from 2 tickets up to 9 what is 450% return on investment during one night. Other example might be Primeval Titan 11->16 or Inferno Titan 4->8. Personally, I loathe being ripped by those who knew such new decklist faster than me. I recommend you all to read articles or watch live coverage from such events. Thanks to this action you will never sell your cards below the market price.

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