Tuesday, October 1, 2013

429 error on Wikiprice

If you see this error on wikiprice,

don't worry, it's ok.
We coded the messages because someone was abusing wikiprice and bombing the server with multiple request at a time. If you see the messages, don't worry, just reload the pages in 15 seconds and everything will be fine!


  1. :-) I had someone doing like 150 requests per second!

    1. Wow , I see 2 possible Quick fixes for that. In Fact I see a Fix that doesn't give the message , wait 15 seconds. Heck I know a "fix" that reduces "load" 50%+ just because you "design the pages "Better"".

      Clearly the guy loading 150 pages is "stealing your price lists or is a Blatant attack. So I'm glad to see everyone else is punished for it.

      Sounds like American Policy. To keep you safe we just have to Ignore the Constitution ,take all your Privacy and Freedoms. But hey , we keep you safe , From the False Threats we Create ourselves , to keep you paying for "security".
      It's funny. On the Military channel "said" that the "War on Terror" was Created to make sure "Security" Organizations still had a Job , after the "Cold War" ended. They didn't state it that Clearly but it was what they said.

  2. If you want to sell a Foil , your Hosed.

    I Guess Searching the Card Name. Then Selecting Foils. Then Buyers , is Just too much to handle.

    If you didn't let all the BOT Owners that are here just to Exploit your system , post False Prices ,then you wouldn't have me needing to actually go and see who the REAL buyers are.

    But then again , Looks like I don't have to deal with Wiki or any of your Bots for Awhile? Not Theros Ready. I found a Whole World of other Bots and Users. OMG the Bots they use are fast. I had a bot pull 50 cards to buy in a Blink of an Eye! From Mythics through to Commons. No message saying this could take 5 minutes. WTF is wrong with "our" Bot? Can I get a refund on a "Lifetime License"?