Saturday, October 26, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 6.11

MTGO Library Bot 6.11 is a major update. We found a bug in wikiprice and we had to fix it "bot-side".

The bots upload the collections to wikiprice using the .csv format but this format didn't take into account the non-tradable items. In a nutshell, all the items were considered as tradable even if they were untradable. The final result was that wikiprice was populated with many items "owned but not for sale".

We expect wikiprice to become more and more reliable as ML Bot owners update to 6.11. This will happen gradually in 3-4 days.

ML Bot 6.11 also fixes a crash when restating MTGO. Nothing dangerous here, but when ML Bot crashes, it stays down for 3 minutes.

Finally, I am sure you will like the new version updater..... you can drag and move it wherever you want. It's no more fixed in the center of the screen :-)


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