Thursday, October 10, 2013

Percentage margin in the CardLog

A quick note: we just added the percentage margin on the CardLog.


  1. dont know if its intended but if you buy 4 copies of a card at for example: 10 10 6 6 then sell 2 copies at 8 8 the card log will say we made a profit average of 2. Should use the average bought against the average sold, and not assume that you bought for 6 and sold for 8 only, ignoring the ones bought for more.

  2. @carlos: CardLog matches the two closest trades: this could be 10-8 or 6-8. I cannot use the average because if a card is increasing its price and you buy it before selling => the cardlog will show a loss, even if you are not having a loss. Analogously, if the price is decreasing and the bot buys a card before selling it => cardlog will show a profit, while it could be a loss. In a nutshell: cardlog does not predict: it computer back & forth trades. Unmatched trades are not taken into account