Saturday, October 5, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 6.04 - Ready for Theros!

We are ready for Theros! The new version of ML Bot supports the set Theros (THS)!
The pricelist is already online available for download.

As usual, the LITE users have to update too otherwise their bots won't be able to handle Theros correctly.


  1. Great thanks updated and ready!

    So what are the other botters strategy to make this worth our while, I've been small and slow, but now my bots are starting to break even on my faster internet since I switched and I'm hoping for a successful release time with my Bot. Does anyone have any tips or trades they would like to share?

  2. Pay attention to the first days of release events. Prices can change a lot and cards can go up and down. My experience is that prices will settle in some days

  3. if your customer base isnt the biggest, never go too aggressive on buy prices on first 2-3 days.
    for example, Thassa, god of the sea is worth 10+ tix now, in 3 days it may be worth 3-4.

  4. @carlos: I totally agree. Buy low till Monday.

  5. Yeah i always keep 30% margin in mind, and set to faster updates this weekend.

    Then I took 17tix and got boosters sold mythics got booster sold mythics, etc recoup investment and added starting stock to lure new clients. seem to work if you lucky with nice mythics and rares. So i basically managed to start with some free stock of new set.