Monday, October 21, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 6.10

ML Bot 6.10 is a major update. There are many changes under the hood and bug fixes.

  • ML Bot 6.10 supports the sets From the Vault: Twenty (V13) and Duel Decks: Heroes vs Monsters (DDL). The updated pricelist is already available online. All the LITE bot users should update too
  • we changed the repository server for the trade screenshots and moved to a bigger one. This means that we will keep up to 3 months of screenshots (the current server rotates out the screenshots older than 1 month)
  •  The "Restarter.exe" process has been redesigned to be more robust. Sometimes it failed the restart of the bot
  • there was an annoying bug regarding the "Booster Correction" in the the Correction Tab. The bot was unable to remember the setting, reverting it to "no correction" after a few hours
  • the "Credit Me" function is back! This was necessary because some foil cards cost more than 400 tixs. The function was removed some months ago when the trade limit raised from 75 to 400 tix

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