Sunday, June 29, 2014

M15 - promo cards to choose from during prelease

Cards are prioritised, starting with the best card and ending on the worst choice for the prelease event.

Siege Dragon  - 5RR
Creature - Dragon
When Siege Dragon enters the battlefield, destroy all Walls your opponents control.
Whenever Siege Dragon attacks, if defending player control no Walls, it deals 5 damage to each creature without flying that player controls.

Indulgent Tormentor   - 3BB
Creature - Demon
At the beginning of your upkeep, draw a card unless target opponent sacrifices a creature or pays 3 life.

Resolute Archangel  - 5WW
Creature - Angel
When Resolute Archangel enters the battlefield, if your life total is lower than your starting life total, it becomes your starting life total.

Phytotitan  - 4GG
Creature - Plant Elemental
When Phytotitan dies, return it to the battlefield tapped under its owner's control at the beginning of his or her next upkeep.

Mercurial Pretender  - 4U
Creature - Shapeshifter
You may have Mercurial Pretender enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature you control except it gains " : Return this creature to its owner's hand."

Opinion section:
The blue card is the weakest card due to possibility of coping only your creature card.
The green card comes next, it allows you to kill one creature of opponent choice every two turns. No trample and spending six mana for this effect doesn't make this card a bomb.
It was quite difficult to judge the white card while we do not know the full spoiler, wheter it is fast or rather slow environment, but still it is solid flyer.
The demon card is a flying draw engine, however your opponent will probably not allow you to get one extra card.
During combat the red card blasts everything, what is touching the ground, out of its way

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