Friday, June 20, 2014

The new MTGO v4

Two days ago Wizards of the Coast released an update for Mtgo v4. The update mainly addressed the  trading interface, changing old features and adding new ones. You can read the full article here:

We are happy with this update - this is probably one of few updates that really improves the trading system and that will benefit traders. The v4 trading system is now very close to the v3 one. We had to change some things our v4 bot to adapt it to the new interface but this is a work we were happy to do.

Among the most notable changes, the new mtgo v4 introduces the good old wishlist: you can now load a .dek file and mtgo will automatically grab the cards for you. The chat is now automatically docked to the right and, in case you lose it, you can simply click the "Chat" button on the bottom-right. Finally, the trading interface is in a new windows: this means that you can access the Classified Boards while trading and change your BUSY / OPEN message easily.

Here at mtgolibrary we think that the update was much overdue and we are happy it has been delivered. Our faith in mtgo v4 is now a little higher!

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