Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The time to pick up your Theros block cards for the fall is soon

I wrote about this before so this is just a friendly reminder. Pick up your Theros block cards in June.

If you want to know why you should pick up the Theros block cards you want for Khans of Targir standard now, check out this blog post:

Short version: Its the summer slump. Very soon interest will switch to Vintage Masters and M15. Be sure to pick up all the Theros block cards you need for play in september AND all the cards you want to speculate on.

This was the time you could pick up Jace, Architect of Thought at 14 a year ago and then sell it six months later for 38.


  1. ...until you realize that the gods have been nerfed beyond belief in JOU, devotion is basically a dead end, and besides a few chase mythics (Elspeth, Brimaz, Stormbreath, Polukranos) there isn't really anything that good in the entire block. Courser and Thoughtseize are some of the few rares I see having any lasting value.

  2. Even if the block is subpar (which I don't argue with, I haven't played it) only its relative strength to Khans of Targir matter as it will still make up half of standard for the next block