Saturday, July 26, 2014

Counterfeit paper Magic: The Gathering cards


Wizards have stopped already a substantial volume of counterfeit cards from entering the market by locating the manufacturing source in China. However, more and more fake cards are entering circulation. Allegedly, you may get a complete deck, containing all top cards, such as Tarmogoyfs, fetchalnds and more, for circa 30 USD. Wizards stated that they has eliminated and will continue to eliminate from the DCI or WPN anyone who knowingly distributes counterfeit cards.

How to recognize fake cards?
- corners of the card is differently rounded
- card differently reflects the light, they are glossy
- the printing is very blurry when you look closely at certain parts
-  a back of the card has totally different shade
- on the back of the card a characteristic white dot on the top-left is missing
- do a light test: take flashlight and deliver the light on the card, the light shines through the original card, wheras it does not through counterfeit.

At first glance, both cards from attached image does not raise any suspicion, however Hallowed Fountain on the right is fake. Take your time and during trading in real life study every inch of card. Trade with people you trust, closely examine highly sought-after cards, and remember the rule that if a deal is too good to be true, it probably isn't legitimate.

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