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Messages and Classified Posting, General Guide

Messages and Classified Posting, General Guide

This guide will show you how to post your stores items into the classified message as well as providing an easy to follow guideline for low maintenance message posting.  These messages will be rotated with a randomizer so that all your items you want listed will get seen on the classified message boards. In short the entire system is a “Dynamic” system. So let us get started.


First thing is first, you will want to update your “Cards for Advertisement” or “CFA” text file with the cards you wish to advertise in your classified message (If you do not have a “Cards for Advertisment.txt” file, you will need to make one and place it into the “Prices” folder inside the program folder). To do this, you will need to open your “CardsForAdvertisement.txt” file (Often referred to as your CFA file) and add your cards that you want to buy and sell into your “CFA” file.

Example of a few postings within your CFA file:

NoteYou will start on the next blank line no spaces or indentations from the left, if you have odd spaces you will find that the card you have done this to will not show up in your advertisement. Also for the next card you want to add, all you need to do is press enter and go to the next line and post a new card.

BOO;Journey into Nyx Booster
BOO;Born of the Gods Booster
BOO;Theros Booster
(That is for your boosters, BOO is your set name for Boosters and then you just place a ( : ) after the BOO set name, then with no spaces you must place your Booster name IN FULL* (See above for exact spelling examples) . Then simply hit enter and start the next line.
For Card sets and individual cards, Make sure to use the 3 letter set identifier instead of BOO as listed above.

VMA;Black Lotus
THS;Thassa, God of the Sea

*Once you have your CFA file set up and filled in correctly, you can now begin with your classified message post. To adjust your cards you wish to buy or sell, simply add or remove cards to fit your desired needs.*

Once you have your CFA all set up and ready to go, you can then apply this technique by opening up the MTGO Library Bot program and going into your messages tab OR by using the online Messages tab at . Simply find the section that says:” Classified message” and begin posting your message into the space. To do this you will fist need a message or you can just start with cards from your CFA file and disregard a personal message.  An Example will be listed below:
Bot Name BUY/SELL Your Standard Cards Here! #CFA_buy_2digits# #CFA_buy_2digits# #CFA_buy_2digits# #CFA_buy_2digits# #CFA_buy_2digits# #CFA_buy_2digits# #CFA_buy_2digits#
A more basic form of this setup with your buy price being carried out to 2 decimal places would look like this:
Bot Name BUY/SELL Your Standard Cards Here! #buy_2digits # #buy_2digits # #buy_2digits # #buy_2digits # #buy_2digits # #buy_2digits # #buy_2digits #
OR for SELLING prices:
Bot Name BUY/SELL Your Standard Cards Here! #sell_2digits # #sell_2digits # #sell_2digits # #sell_2digits # #sell_2digits # #sell_2digits # #sell_2digits #

(ALL ITEMS NEED TO BE CONTAINED  BETWEEN #’s   Your SETTINGS-  CFA / buy /2digits    are all settings. Those settings are placed within the #’s and each setting is separated by adding an underscore or _ between each setting.  So for just ONE card the setting would look like this: #CFA_buy_2digits# . In basic terms #CFA_buy_2digits#  means:
You want to post Cards from your CFA File_Your Buying Price_Display price out 2 decimal places, like 1.99)

*Note:  You can also change simple things around to fit your needs like, instead of “buy” you can put “sell” and it will post your selling prices instead of your buying prices. However, through much testing and in game experience, it is best to post buying prices as for beginners and even more advanced Bot owners find it more advantageous to post the buying prices, as keeping your store fully stocked up is important to the success of your storefront.
*You can have the bot show 1 or 2 decimal places by saying 2digits or 1digit as it is listed in the above example.

A comprehensive list of setting commands for more advanced users is listed below:
Classified and Trading room messages allow # commands for automatic card replacement. You can create the message as you want, for example #sell_THS_>10##buy_noname_PP# or#GTC_R_>1_1digit_foil_buy#.

#sell / buy#
Display the selling price (or the buying price) and name of a randomly chosen card
Setname (3 letters), force replacement in the specified set
#M/R/U/C #
Rarity, force replacement with an item of the specified rarity
force the price to be displayed with 1 or 2 decimals, instead of 3
Foil, force replacement with a foil card
#>0.7 / <0.3#
Price, force replacement with cards more expensive than.... or cheaper than...
Noprice, do not display the price
Noname, do not display the name of the card
Shortname, display a short version of the name, for example only 'Brimaz'
#Hall of Triumph#  
Cardname, replace with the specific cardname (must specify setname)
PersonalPrices.txt, force replacement with items contai1ned only in PersonalPrices.txt
CardsForAdvertisement.txt, force replacement with items contained only in CardsForAdvertisement.txt

When your bot is busy in a trade you can set your busy message by typing a phrase to your liking into the “Classified message when busy:” space provided in the messages tab

I'm busy with a customer right now. I will be open again shortly. Thank you for your patience!
*The rest of the messages in the same tab can be altered the same way to fit your desired objective.*

For those that use multiple bots, you can use the website to push your updates to all your active bots.  Also at the top of the page you will find some fine tuning message tools for more advanced users, just make sure to follow the example above for application of those tools!
1. To do this you will have to update your message.
2. Then to the right of the space you posted your message in, there is a “Message will go to” tab.  This tab will have 3 options
3. Option 1:   “this bot” (which is your currently selected bot, you can check which bot you are on by scrolling to the top of the page and at the top left you will see a message saying “Logged in as” under that is what bot you are attempting to update or manage”.
4. Option 2:  “all the bots in the chain”. This means all the bots you have set into your Bot Store Chain. Example:” Bot A, Bot B, Bot C” are all in a chain or linked together to put it simply. All information you type into the tab will be pushed to those specific bots.
5. Option 3:all my bots” Which means you will update every bot you own, with your new message.
To complete the information push all that is required is for you to click the submit button and your new message will be posted to your bots shortly after.

We here at MTGO Library hope that this information has helped you set up your classified message. As always we strive to provide the best in customer support for all our users from the Novice user to the most Advanced User. Feel free to use the live support tab at the bottom of the website for advice or you can send more detailed information and questions to . Thank you and Happy Botting!

MTGO Library Staff

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