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The Pauper Gauntlet competitor #7: Delver by cweaver

The Pauper Gauntlet is coming to mtgolibrary. You can submit your Pauper brews starting August 31st right here. Please do not submit any decks yet.

Some of the deck lists of the competing decks that are pre-qualified by different means will be presented here. This is deck #7.

Earlier deck lists:

Deck #1 Illusory Tricks:
Deck #2: Love Train

Before he quit MTGO in disgust over the new client, Cweaver was one of the top two Pauper Premier Event players, usually playing Delver.

I did an interview with him about the deck as he was just starting out in 2013.

It is a very in-depth analysis of the Delver deck. Delver is the Fish deck of Pauper, playing much the same role of Merfolk in Modern, only stronger. It has been one of the top three decks in the format since Delver was printed (and arguably even before that) and often the top deck of all.

The idea is to play tempo-control and kill the opponent before the grindier decks can outvalue Delver, with enough control to stop the super aggressive decks from winning before you do.

The worst matchup is Elves.

I have decided to go with Chris build as he had it quite well toned by the end.

This is his Delver build:

Delver by cweaver

17 Island

4 Delver of Secrets
4 Cloud of Faeries
1 Stormbound Geist
4 Ninja of the Deep Hours
3 Spire Golem

4 Ponder
4 Preordain
2 Bonesplitter
2 Daze
3 Snap
4 Counterspell
2 Exclude
2 Gush

3 Coral Net
3 Hydroblast
2 Steel Sabotage
2 Curse of Chains
2 Stormbound Geist
3 Serrated Arrows

So what I am going to use this deck list for? Good question!Learn more about the Pauper Gauntlet here:

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