Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wikiprice down for maintenance, ML Bot 8.18

Wikiprice is currently down for maintenance: we will keep it down for another day and then we will restart it

We have just released ML Bot 8.18, an important update containing many bug-fixes.

  • 8.18 features a more robust autotransfer handshake, especially when an "active" bot gives a command to a "passive" bot. Sometimes the passive bots ignored commands such "take my tixs" or "get my cards"
  • the taking tixs part has been completely rewritten and now it is more reliable. We found the reason of the flicketing causing mtgo to maximize/minimze in a loop for many seconds
  • The "Main Navigation" error by Mtgo v4 is now handled correctly and the bot restarts Mtgo
  • fixed a Classifed problem causing the bot not to post the name of the cards
  • PersonalPrices.txt and PersonalPercentages.txt are now case-insensitive

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