Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Your plans for the V3 crash

A lot of people are mad at Wizards for shutting down the v3 client on July 16th. I will not give you my opinion here. It is a fact that it is happening. How will it affect you? How will it affect the market?

Judging from earlier client switchovers, the market will fall. In fact, the switchover will be an excellent opportunity for picking up cards. The market will quickly recover and probably be back to normal levels in time for the Khans of Tarkir release.

This means that you should probably pick up:

* Theros block standard cards. Pick up the cards in Theros block with focus on cards that have done well in block and cards from the two later sets.

* Vintage Masters

July 17-31 will be an excellent time to pick these up when everyone else is looking at M15 or quitting the game.

Questions? Thoughts? How many of you were there when V2 shut down?

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