Sunday, October 4, 2015

BFZ Fat Packs

Hi Everyone!

Over the weekend I was surfing the web and stumbled upon They are one of those online stores that seems to have every single card you can imagine (almost). But I was looking into the price of booster boxes and found that fat packs are being sold for MORE than retail!

I understand that this is release weekend, but I'd think that Channel Fireball would sell things for retail at most, I mean retail is designed to be the price set by manufacturers to be the "come get it for this much price" (retail is usually obscenely expensive but WOTC is okay about not being ridiculous).

Channel Fireball wasn't just selling the Fat Pack for a little more than retail, a full 25% more than retail ($50, retail is $40).

So why do we care? We care because it appears that with full art lands and the Zendikar Expeditions the expected expected value (yes, two expecteds) of a Fat Pack is more than $40. Right now it probably is more than $40 per fat pack, but like everything in MTG, after people draft the set a few million times the supply will be much larger and cards will be cheaper.

I love full art lands as much as the next guy and I love special edition foil only promo cards more than most people, but seriously, let's not get all crazy and wait a little on buying BFZ.

If you're an avid competitive standard player who NEEDS the new cards, you're probably less concerned about overpaying than I am. If you're not someone who needs the new cards, especially the expedition cards, wait until the prices calm down a little.

Prices spike at the release of every set and BFZ has full art lands and special cards (Expeditions) so it's going to be especially turbulent immediately at the release of the set.

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