Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Magic Online dead time

Hi Everyone!

The past week has been rough on me. I have been lamenting that the only thing that actually matters on Magic Online right now is.......oh wait, nothing.

Yeah, Legacy cube is available and a lot of people enjoy it but I think I'd enjoy it more if there were a new tournament legal set available.

Wizards really treats Magic Online like a red-headed step child. They have a buggy interface that's the worst program I've used outside some opensource stuff that was on version .1.

The worst is the way we have to wait for sets to come out. I really think this is silly because Magic Online and paper Magic are two completely different products.

Yes, it is the same game but I think it's unlikely that everyone has a paper and online collection of cards. In fact, I know many players who find online playing so convenient that it's hard to drag myself out of the house after a difficult week to play in Friday Night Magic.

Anyway, it would be nice if they didn't treat us online players like second class citizens.

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