Friday, October 16, 2015

New Set Buying Advice!

  When launching a new set in your store its important to remember the cardinal rule... A store without tickets is NOT an active store. Cash flow is important and without it customers may feel the credit left in the store will not be worthwhile... so with that being said, I have come up with a simple yet effective way to prevent a huge Event Ticket Drop off in your store as new sets are released and cards are being sold as fast as they are early on in that sets release.

Step 1: Set your Quantity for RAREs and MYTHICs to only 1 or 2

Step 2: Allow time for your Bots to build up the stock and begin selling the inventory you already purchased

Step 3: Once you have seen the existing stock begin to move with some degree of stability with regards to Buying and Selling this sets cards.. Then adjust your Quantity by increasing the count by 1 and repeat Step #2.

Step 4: Repeat until the desired Quantity is obtained and your ticket count remained level the whole time.

The entire system depends on EVENT TICKETS.... so it is imperative that stores adjust the Quantity according to current ticket counts, such that the stores do not dip to low in tickets and/or run out of tickets.

I hope this helps folks... Good Luck and Happy Botting!

 Fellow Botter

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