Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Modern Bible of RG Tron chapter 35 - How do you beat RG Tron?

The first time your run Into RG Tron in Modern it may seem very discouraging. Getting all your colored permanents destroyed by Ugin, the Spirit Dragon or removed with Oblivion Stone does not feel good and it feels way worse when Emrakul, the Aeons Torn comes down and it is time to sacrifice six permanents.

So how do you beat this monstrosity?

Play a combo deck
Tron thrives on destroying creatures and playing giant guys. If your plan is to win by combo before turn 7 you should just go for your combo plan. Chances are that Tron is very vulnerable to it.

Put the Tron deck under early pressure
Somewhat surprisingly to some players the RG Tron deck is very vulnerable to really fast aggro decks like Zoo and Infect. Make sure you put the Tron deck under early pressure.

Destroy the mana base of the Tron deck
This only works if you have put the Tron deck under early pressure. If you can T2 Tarmogoyf, T3 Fulminator Mage you are on to something. Tron is very good at repairing its mana base with all the search cards so you can not allow Tron to find the time to do this. Also, even if Tron does not hit Tron the deck can very often Oblivion Stone the world on T5 and play a Wurmcoil Engine on T6.

Make sure your game plan is not wrecked by Pyroclasm
If all your creatures die to Pyroclasm you may have a problem. In Modern you can often choose 3+ toughness creatures (even at one mana!) - make sure you do this.

Do not play a control deck and try to get to the lategame
Tron owns the lategame with Emrakul. No matter which deck you are playing you are the aggro deck in this matchup. Bolt + Snapcaster + Bolt can be your best route to victory.

Play Stony Silence if you have white mana
Of all sideboard cards none does as much damage against Tron as Stony Silence. No, not even Crumble to Dust is better than that. 

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