Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Expanding your bot business

 Hello fellow botters,

Today we are going to talk about expanding your current bot business, from hardware to software and setup to pricing and more.

It's simple more bots equals more profits. The time is now, with MTGOv4 releasing in July the amount of bots on Magic Online will be cut in half. This means that your current bot business could potentially double.

With your possible expansion you will need to know a few things that will get you headed in the right direction. You will need to run virtual machines, you can find articles on setting them up here.


Hardware is the main thing that could hold you back. You want to make sure that your bots are fast and smooth. See the chart below to configure your machine for your expansion. All processors should be 3.0ghz or faster.

I currently Run 11 bots on one machine.  AMD 8 core 4.0Ghz with 32gb of ram and they are all fast and smooth. I know that upgrades can be expensive, keep in mind that you can always just expand to your current hardware's capabilities.


Whether you are have 1 bot and want to expand to 2 or 5 bots  and want to expand to 20 there is a correct path to take. You should expand on the current bot name that you have such as MTGOLibrary1  then MTGOLibrary2 then MTGOLibrary3 and so forth.

You always want to make sure you bots are full with tickets to buy and stock to sell.  So my suggestion is to expand 1 bot at a time, maybe open 1 new bot a week. First set a goal on how many bots that you want or the amount money that you would like to make. If you are making 100 a week on your current bot and want to make 700 a week you are going to want open at least 6 more bots.

With more bots you can buy and sell on each bot at different prices, some high, some low, some midrange this way you will always be in the current market.

All bots should be buying, selling, and trading bots. Buying is harder to do than selling so you should have 60% of your bots advertising buying prices and 40% advertising selling prices.

Future of botting:

Magic the Gathering is doing great, in paper they have recently had their largest turn out in history at  GP Charlotte 2013 with 2,693 competitors (this is where I currently live) what does this mean for Magic Online? With the recent increase of redemption and Magic Online promotions cards will become cheaper which will intrigue more paper players to goldfish on MODO. Also as stated before with MTGOv4 releasing in July 2013 Ns5 and Belbot will not be coding the new bot, this leaves only ML bots you do the math.

I am currently in the process of expanding from 14 bots to 24, I hope you use this article can help you do the same. There is a 200k + a month market out there on Magic Online, Be sure to get your share!

If you have anymore questions about this article or about anything in the world of botting is opening a live chat service starting 3/18/2013 via Skype, You can contact them at "Mtgolibrary.Support".

Modo handle: Teamstoge


  1. im running 8 bots on a i5 2500k @ 4.4ghz 16gb ram (Bots have 0 pagefile/virtual memory} 1.75gb ram per bot

    16gb ram.

    CPU Usage : 40-60%.

  2. also note that more AMD;s advertised as "8Core" are no more than 4 Bulldozer cores (quad cores with HT basically}.
    Same goes to 6 Core being infact 3 cores.

  3. are these specs suited for mtgo v4 as well? Hardware requirements will go up quite a bit

  4. Ml bot will have the same requirements. Mtgo should be more demanding though

  5. MTGO V3 stacks lots of memory usage with lots of trades. MTGO V4 might actually use less memory if they fixed that V3 issue.

    Also i run Crysis3 full specs while the bots are running :P

    I'm due to upgrade my bots soon if everything goes as expected in my life. Will be a costly upgrade but I'm thinking of having a dedicated 16~ bots PC for under £600 ($1000~)

  6. i just commented because Teamstoge recommends a AMD 8 (*4) core above any Intel.

    The fact is, even the sandybridge 2500k i5(4core) beats the AMD 8350fx. Outperforms it by over 50% on applications/games and by 10-25% on Virtualization aswell.

    AMD marketing is (has always been) the lying and "twisting" of specs.
    This dates back from when they called their 1ghz cpus as "1800+" into calling dualcores 2.2 as "X2 4200+" now calling fx8350 8 core cpus to 4ghz quadcores that eat 160watt of energy on load.

    6-10 bots u need a i5 quadcore
    8-14 bots a i7 quadcore
    if you wish to run over 14 bots in 1 machine, forget the commercial CPUs, that will only be smooth on cpus costing over $1250 which means you're better off having 2 machines running 12 bots than 1 running 24 bots.

    1. I recommend AMD simply because its cheaper. People can buy whatever they fancy in most cases Intel out performs AMD but cost much more. My processor cost me 179usd and runs 11 bots just fine.

    2. maybe the price there makes it worth it. cuz here in uk a i5 2500K costs the same as a AMD FX-8350. and when it comes to performance, the 2500k beats the amd on everything when you take into account that the i5 can run at 4.5ghz+ on stock voltage 24/7.

  7. I feel light years behind because I'm using 4 laptops(8GB i5, 6GB i5, 4GB something and 1GB trash) and a 8GB i7 ram desktop and no virtual machines. I wish I had $2000 to upgrade. Maybe in another month or 2 I will be able to get there as I'm already making $40-$90 profit a day and I've only been running for 3 weeks. However every dime I make has to go to my bills. I'm such a bum.

    1. Do one at a time. Build slowly.

    2. Contact me @ I could help you set up virtual machines.

    3. i can also help if you need help setting up the VM's in small space. a 3.5-4gb(windows without mediaplayer,outlook,games,calculator,etc) drive per bot if you are running them out of SSD (recommended for much faster loading speeds).

    4. Wow Stein, as somebody on day 2 of my bot adventure your profit per day seems awesome!

      Is there anything special about what you're doing? How many buy/sell bots are you running? Are they chained together?

      Sorry for 20 questions, and if you don't wanna give up your secrets I understand. ;)

  8. most of my profits are "collection/stock" profits. I pull maybe about 300$ a month out ($10) a day and yes.. it goes all to bills and things i need. wish i had the freedom to "invest" my profits. would have a better machine/more bots/more tix in stock by now.

  9. 8gb ram i5 should be more than enough to run 4 bots stein. (save u on electric bills too)

  10. Carlos, do you remember what you did to make the bot working on Windows 8? I remember you did some "tricks" with the settings..

  11. wasn't me, but all you have to do (if you run VM's under windows 8, or bots within win8) is to disable the service that shuts down inactive running programs.

    You can find that here:

  12. I run VMware workstation9 on my windows 8 with 11 bots I had no issues at all.

  13. Arrgh im a complete computer illeterate!!
    i have 8 gigs of ram but not an intel... looks pretty poor AMD 1.5ghz.

    How does that translates? I'm not even sure what they are/mean (i am actually on my way to google some of that).
    I'm only able to run 3 bots at once otherwise computer gets slowed down, also seems like i have a temperature problem (!). I'm running these on the laptop i just happened to own but would need to look into getting something more appropriate, any assistance? Also could anyone tell me how to make it so the computer does not 'hibernate' when they have the downtimes wednesdays? every week i come back home and have them idle because of that!

    1. Contact me on skype: . I can help you out.

  14. hmm never used skype before :)
    i'll look into that then i guess. Thanks

  15. I would hesitate to make statements about whether your competition will or will not make the transition from V3. I dont know if Belgarath is working on a bot or not, but I know that Jaybot, the bot currently running TheCardNexus, and Sharpbot chains will be ready come Mid July. I say this as the owner of TCN.

    Also of note, I am running a 8120 FX with 24 gbs of ram. 20 bots+a few miscellaneous things running on it. My bots are faster than pretty much anything except CardBot.