Monday, March 28, 2016

Commonly made mistakes

Each of us is trying to maximalize the probability of winning a game. To this end, we prepare sideboard plan, deciding which one mana drop is the best and other. However, some of us unconsciously may be giving an edge to opponent even not realizing that they are doing something wrong. Pay attention and don't do anymore mistakes presented below:

1. Under no circumstances unveil what deck you are playing. I mean not only literally saying 'Hey, I'm playing monored', but for instance a bad shuffling skill may unmask you. Don't give any chance for your opponent to see what cards you have in your deck. Don't leave your sideboard faceup. Don't show life total from previous rounds or any other information that your opponent may find beneficial, which at first sight might seem not important on the course of the following game. Do you really think a life total is a trival thing? Let me show you that it is not. Thanks to this information you may conclude that someone is playing a combo deck or a Siege Rhino card. Do you still want to keep used life total sheets from previous rounds?

2. Body language. Simply put, poker face.

3. Watch a clock. You cannot end up in situation where you ran out of time. In general, in a tournament play a draw is the same as a loss. There are a numerous ways to speed up a game, e.g if it is possible shuffle your library in your opponent turn.

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