Monday, March 28, 2016

The nine decks that are still alive in the Pauper Gauntlet

Round seven was truly a round of death.The round ended 9-9 and left nine decks fighting for 10th place in a gigantic top 10 qualification playoff. That is happening right now on MagicGatheringStrat2 on youtube.

That is a sideshow and I will give you the result next week. Now we are going to focus on the nine decks that are still alive in the competition.

What is the Pauper Gauntlet?
All about the Pauper Gauntlet Season 03:
All the deck lists:

The nine decks that are still in the competition
Aristocrats by Paul Jones:
Bant Sword and Shield by Paul Jones:
Bugs & Pigs: By Galactic President.
Cyborgs by jphsnake:
Green One: By Deluxeicoff.
Mono Black Control by Mario. 
Pig Trinket by Power_T:
Spiteful Leeches by Bava:
WW Soul Tokens by Bava:

If you had asked me in November which nine decks I thought would be alive the longest in the Gauntlet this would not have been my answer :)

Who do you think will win at this point? Post your answer in the comments below (getting it right here is not part of the competition though).

What happens now?
The top 10 qualification playoff ends on Sunday April 3rd. Round eight begins on Monday April 4th .
Top ten decks still alive
BUGs & Pigs and Green One remains alive as the only two Top Ten decks from last season.

The Eliminations to this point
Round seven eliminations - the decks in the Top 10 Playoff: BorosKitty Initiated, Slivers, Mono Red Heroic, Stompy, UG Madness,  RUG Tron and Izzet Cooldotha. These decks are still fighting for the 10th spot in the Pauper Gauntlet this week.
19th place (round six): Infect, Blue Bichinho, Death Control, Burn (runner-up from last season) and Pauper Nightmare. 
24th place (round five) Illusory Tricks, White Heroes, Goblins, Suicide Black, Turbo Angler, Simic Oracle, Kuldotha Mardu, Elves, Rhystic Tron, MUC, Black Auramancer, Love Train, 
36th place (round four) Counter-Kitty,UB Trinket Control, Rakdos Vampires, Flying Ninjas, Turbo Zoo, Shroudfang Ninja. Delver, Green Ramp LD, Snow-Go, Turbo Exhume
45th place: Shared by the 26 decks eliminated in round threeAffinity, Exhume Control, Familiars, Rebel Grind, Pestilence Control, Encroaching Blight, Green Grifters, The Pauper Gauntlet, Project X, Tortured Toolbox, RG Land Crusher, RG Landfall, DelverFiend, Eggs, Gary Busey LD, Selesnya Flash, Abzan Grindhouse, Bant Fog, Crocajund, BUG Proliferators, Evil Allies, Land-o-derm, Pig Trinket, Sultai Delve, 5-color Green
70th place: Shared by nine decks that died during double Elimination, (round one and two): Red Land Destruction, Mono Black Land Destruction, Glass Cannon Red, Tortured Madness,  Cheaty Morph, Living End, 1-land Spy, UB Justice Control and Dragon Delve.

Round 1 ended 56-22 (72% match win rate)
Round 2 ended 13-9 (59% win)
Round 3 ended 43-26 (62% win)
Round 4 ended 32-11 (74% win - best win rate so far in Pauper Gauntlet history!)
Round 5 ended 23-12 (66% win)
Round 6 ended 18-5 (78% win) - a new record!
Round 7 ended 9-9 (50% win!)

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  1. I'm just happy that I was able to prove the haters wrong! UG madness got pretty far in the tournament despite almost not getting included for "always losing in the first few rounds"!
    I love the deck and I can't wait to see how it can evolve with madness being printed again as a mechanic!

    1. Yeah, Madness returning will be very interesting for UG Madness. I think Death Control was the deck that excited me the most - you have established yourself among the pantheon of Pauper Gauntlet master deck builders! I hope you submit even more decks next season!

  2. I am pretty sure Mono Black Land Destruction is not part of the 9 remaining decks.

    @Etiens: UG Madness is an awesome deck! It deserved to do well and I will vote it in every year :)

    1. You spoiled a perfectly good chance to sneak it back into the Gauntlet :)