Sunday, January 1, 2017

Flashback Favorites and Standard Gauntlet

The 2016 year was a year of Modern flashback drafts, wheras 2017 will be a year of Flashback Favorites and throwback Standard Gauntlets.

Flashback Favorites are a selection of the most popular draft formats from Magic Online's history, from both before Modern and after. It will not be a phantom events, so you will keep all cards you open.

Standard Gauntlet Series, as the name suggets, are gauntlet meaning you'll be given a random deck from a set of selected lists. Then you will run a 3-match (regardless of record) league, which have the same entry and prize structure as leagues for Cube Drafts and other phantom events. The decklists for each gauntlet will be published on Magic Online's website before the event is run. Standard Gauntlet events will be running for one week each and will be proceeded chronologically forward through Magic's history, all the way back to the 1990s.

Schedule of events for 3 months:
January 4–January 11: Flashback Favorites (Zendikar/Zendikar/Zendikar)
January 11–January 25: Legacy Cube
January 25–February 22: Break for Aether Revolt
February 22–March 1: Throwback Standard Gauntlet #1
March 1–March 8: Flashback Favorites (Invasion–Planeshift–Apocalypse)
March 8–March 22: Cube Draft
March 22–April 12: Flashback Favorites (Modern Masters: 2017 Edition)

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