Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The top ten decks in Pauper right now

After the emergency banning of Peregrine Drake the Pauper metagame has been in an interesting state of flux. Being forced to fight Drake decks turned very aggressive and then it took some time to find a deck that could handle all that aggression. Now there is one and after years and years as a tier 1.5 deck UB Control is finally in the top tier of decks.

As of today, Jan 25 2017, this is the top ten decks of the Magic Online Pauper metagame.

1. Delver (10,1%)
2. UB Control (9,7%)
3. Murasa Tron (9,4%)
4. Bogles (8,3%)
5. Kuldotha Boros (8,3%)
6. Stompy (8,0%)
7. WURG Tron (6,6%)
7. Izzet Control (6,6%)
9. Affinity (6,6%)
10. Burn (4,5%)

Not as healthy a metagame as the Modern metagame I talked about last week but still pretty healthy.

Note the two different Tron builds, which really makes Tron the #1 deck in the meta.

Its amazing to still see Delver up there. It has been a tier one deck since before even Delver of Secrets was printed.

I have no idea why UB Control is that big right now when it traditionally has a bad Tron matchup and not a super stellar Delver matchup. If someone could explain that to me I am all ears. What caused UB Control to become a tier one deck after all this time?

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