Sunday, August 27, 2017


Everyone wants to win a Grand Prix or become World Champion, but only a very small minority will achieve it. What discern them from majority? Among other things - practice.
“Practice makes perfect”. The more you play, the better you get. It is as corny as it is true. When you will put innumerable hours into Constructed format, you will notice that games often play out in a similar manner. You start to recognize situations and patterns. As a result, they and a game as a whole become much easier to deal with. If you faced with such situations enough times, you know what is and isn’t a good play or how the game may develop. However, while practicing it is crucial that you are analytic and reflective and you are all the time analysing what you can be doing better. Be quality oriented, not quantity. Sometimes less means more. Try to find out why a deck is losing or why this play led to an unfavorable outcome. Sometimes you are going to make a good play and lose and you are going to play the right deck and lose, but to know that you made a good play you need to practice a lot first.

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