Sunday, August 13, 2017


After 13 years of waiting, we are finally returning to the world of Silver-bordered cards. Unstable, which is a new Unset, will be released on December 8. It is worth mentioning, that Unhinged had been considered as a commercial failure. However, Mark Rosewater argues this wasn't because of poor sales, but because of overprinting. We must hope, that Wizards will not do the same mistake and Unstable will boost their sales, because next chance may not be given.

What do we know about Unstable so far?
- the expansion symbol is a a wrench with an acorn shaped hole. Not accidentally, because a non-legendary Squirrel lord and enough support to build a deck around the acorn-loving tribe will be in.
- full-art black-bordered lands, like its predecessors they will be amazing. Who knows maybe they will be the most popular basic land arts seen in tournament play.
- Steamflogger Boss will be printed on the land sheet to retain its black border. Contraptions, an artifact subtype, are part of the set. All creatures that make them are Riggers.
- foil tokens, even for popular tribes which do not appear in this set
- five ally-colored factions:
UW: Order of the Widget; cyborgs that use technology to constantly improve themselves with nonsensical inventions. They have no self control.
UB: Agents of S.N.E.A.K.; really bad spies with cool toys.
BR: League of Dastardly Doom; super villains scheming to take over the world. Rosewater describes the members of this faction as your typical death ray building, weather control device wielding, Saturday morning cartoon villains.
RG: Goblin Explosioneers; steamfloggers and tinkerers that experiment with lots of crazy ideas, many of which explode. They breed fast enough to not wipe out their race.
WG: Crossbreed Labs; fraction that believe true harmony can be found by altering biology and embodying the concept of unity.

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