Thursday, May 26, 2011

Going virtual part 2

After setting your server up with the hardware you decided you should be going on to what VM (Virtual Machine) software you should use. At first i used VirtualBox, but after a while i noticed that the bots kept hanging up alot so i had to restart them manually almost every day.
I read a bit about VM's and figured out that the best one for my needs were VMware. After i changed to VMware i never had any problems at all with my bots. They are always up and running smoothly. Feel free to try them out;Swebot, Swebot1, Swebot2, _______BuyAndSellAll, _______BuyAndSellAl2, _______BuyAndSellAl3.

A guide how to setup your first VM using VMware.
To get started go to and register an account, else you can't download the software.
After registering go to the download part of the site and look for a software called VMware Player, download and install it.
When you have installed it and start it you will see a small menu to the right and your VM's in a list to the left. Since it's the first time you run VMware the list will be empty.

1. Press "Create a New Virtual Machine" and you will see a box with some alternatives
2. Choose the way you want to install the OS (Operating system), putting in a OS disc in the
computer, install from an ISO file stored on the computer or if you want to install the OS later, i suggest you use Windows XP and installing the OS immediately, then VMware will install it for you. Then press next.
3. Fill in the required fields, press next.
4. Fill in the name you want for the VM and choose location and press next.
5. Now you are going to choose how big the VM should be, i suggest 10Gb. Also choose to store the virtual disk in a single file because storing in multiple
files will for sure result in your bot running slow. Press next.
6. You will see a list of all settings you have made, check the list and see so everything is correct. I suggest you to press the "Customize Hardware" button and change the RAM to 1050-1100Mb rather then 1024. Press finish and VMware will start the VM and install the selected OS.

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