Monday, May 23, 2011

Start-up period

A frequent question people asks me is: how long will it take for my business to start?

Starting from zero, the answer: is "a couple of months" - a minimum of 3. If your bot is unknown on the market and not fully stocked with cards, then you have to consider a "start-up" period in which you will see a very low volume of trades. Trades will eventually increase till a good level.

The experience with my personal bot is that after one year, the trades become very frequent. My fully stocked bot gets a trade almost every minute: right after a withdraw or a completed trade, someone else opens trade immediately. How did I get there? Well, basically I just hosted the bot on my pc and waited... waited for a long time, checking the bot every while. That's time consuming, but thankfully that's not your time.

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