Saturday, May 28, 2011

Remote control via LogMeIn

If you have ever wanted to go on vacation and still have the ability to access to your bot from remote then this article is for you. This is 100% free for everyone. Admin access may be required for remote access.
 Open up a web browser and navigate to sign up for a free account. The following steps need to be performed on the computer that will run the bot. Go to and login with the account you just setup. After you login you will see the control panel. Click the add computer button and follow the installer. It might be slightly different depending on your browser. Perform a typical installation. The installation will ask you for a secret 8 digit code. Write it down.

After you finished the install you can now remote control the computer. Test it out by going to another PC open up go to the control panel, log in and use the green remote control button. It will ask you for your secret code. After you type in the code you will be brought to your new desktop.


  1. provate questo

    Per esempio, Ammyy Admin non richiede installazioni o cambiamenti di impostazioni specifiche.
    E possibile accedere ai desktop remoti dei computer oltre i gateway NAT senza mappatura delle porte.

  2. Try this alternative as well. It's free for home and business use. Simple and fast. Requires no installation and configuraion.
    Aeroadmin -