Saturday, May 21, 2011

My experience with running a bot

Hello everyone! I'm the new guy who is going to post articles around here for a while :-) My name is Sebastian and I started my first two bots about two years ago, now my bots help me alot with my economics, I will along the way tell you how i made it this far.

It all started with my friend asked me to try MTGO, shortly after that I realized that I could make money in a long term sight, so I started my 2 first bots. In the beginning they were going very slow and I thought about shutting them down after the first 6 months due to lack of patience, but I kept them and it has evolved from a hobby to a small homebusiness.

So what do you need to start your own sucessfull bots? First of all you need a server computer that preferably can be kept online 24 hours a day, unless you use the MTGOLibrary server rental service. You really don't have to buy so expensive server in the start since you probably wont have cards enough filling up several bots, I started using an 5-year old laptop, with a dual core processor and 3Gb of RAM, running 2 virtual servers. The first months my bot hobby went really slow, i was close to shutting them down after 5-6 months. But I kept reminding myself that i have to be patient, starting a small bot chain doesn't make you make money at once. 

The MTGOLibrary server rental service is an awesome service, it's a win-win situation. Using this service you don't need a server running at home anymore, but comparing the prices with running several virtual OS at home or renting servers online is alot in the long run. The only cost I have to run my bots are my electrical bill which is about $15 a month, and for that I keep 6 bots running 24 hours a day. In my next article I will help you get started with some virtual machines

- Sebastian - 

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