Monday, May 16, 2011

ML Bot "Lite" - the spiritual successor of YatBot

MTGO Library Bot “Lite” version is the successor of the very famous “YatBot”, a popular bot back in Magic Online v2. A lite bot is a cheap and easy way to run a business in Mtgo - even though not as proficient as a Pro bot.

How do people usually set up a lite bot? Well, in practice a lite bot works well in chain with other lite bots, each of them spanning a certain “type” of cards. For instance one bot will handle cheap cards (cheap commons, cheap uncommons, rares and mythic); another bot will deal with mid-price cards and a third one with expensive cards. This is the basic setup – more complex chains are possible.

A lite bot requires little or no maintenance: you set it up and forget it. Just keep an eye on it from the Online Control Panel on once a day - and you'll have the whole situation under control.

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