Saturday, May 21, 2011

How much one can earn?

A frequent question is: how much can I earn from running a bot?

Well, the answer is not unique and lower and upper boundaries can vary a lot, depending on your collection size, prices, reputation of the shop and lots more. Luckly, there are some average considerations one can do. An average bot with 30.000 - 40.000 cards, with 3.000-4.000 can easily earn (neatly, including all the expenses) 120-150 tixs per month. This means 4-5 tixs per day. On average, the volume of sales is 30 - 40 tixs per day.

Big chains do far better, but that's because they usually have huge inventories, a well-established base of customers, and good prices. Indeed, if your shop is new and mostly unknown, it will underperform - it will take months to reach a decent level. Keep hard and stay at it!

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