Friday, April 27, 2012

Grocery Magic Online

Often I compare the Magic Online bot business to the 'real' world businesses, and I always find a lot of "things" that are much better in Mtgo.

This morning I was at the grocery store, and I realized that the merchant pays a huge rental fee to store the products. The larger inventory he wants to keep, the more space he needs and the higher the rental fees. 

At the opposite, in Magic online you can store a collection as large as you want, and none will ever complaint or make you pay more because you "take room". Furthermore, a real store has to face the aging of the products. Depending on the type of products, aging can be as fast as a day (food) or a year (clothes). It is true that when a new Magic Online set comes out, the previous set decreases its value, but this is the only drop in value and, in general, it's plenty of "old" cards still very valuable and with minimal or zero decrease in value.

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