Sunday, April 29, 2012


This weekend took place an Avacyn Restored prelease. The prize structure was a little bit different than it usually is. A “Hellvault” box was added. For those who didn’t participate in the event and are not familiar with the Hellvault I have an explanation. Once, WotC announced that there will be a new award in the prelease, but they didn’t display the content of this mysterious box. Few days before prelease boxes arrived to shops organizing event and only what we knew about the content was that it weighs about 1 kilogram. It is easy to deduce that there were supposed to be something heavier inside, cause 1 kilogram of cards is quite a lot and WotC would not give so many cards away.

Yesterday (Saturday), prelease feast begun. Every participant received a check-box paper where you could mark your achievements. In total there were 20 different achievements. Some of them were funny, like “High-five someone who controls a legendary permanent.” Some more serious, like “Win a game controlling exactly one creature.” Players cumulated these achievements in order to break the seals from Hellvault. When the final seal has been broken, Hellvault was opened and its content was distributed among players. What was inside? Dices, token cards, oversized cards. As far as I read on the Internet some Hellvaults contained also judge promo cards, such as Demonic Tutor, Decree of Justice, Exalted Angel. Similar promotion to this one occured when Zendikar was introduced. Then, we could open booster pack with old nuts cards.

Did you very lucky and got a promo card that day? Feel free to comment and share with us about this great news.

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