Friday, April 6, 2012

Total number of bots in the market

When I entered the Magic Online market as a bot owner, back in 2005, I counted 100-200 bots. At the time I thought that was an upper limit - I hardly could see a future with 1000 bots simultaneously online. Not enough money running in Magic Online, I thought.

Nowadays not only I can see more than 1000 bots operating, but I can see that the majority of them make a decent profit. I strongly revised my forecast. 

Where was I wrong? The fact here is that Magic Online is not an ordinary market. The customers of the market are ALL the users (not just a fraction, like in the shoes market, or in the cafeteria market): people log into Magic Online and they know that they will spend some money (drafting, purchasing boosters on the primary market, purchasing cards on the secondary market...) and this makes Magic Online extremely lively.

I am sure that the upper limit is far to come, especially if we consider that the number of players is increasing year by year (in 2006 we could hardly see 800 players connected, now we can easily see 3000)

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