Sunday, April 8, 2012

Momir Basic, part 3

We continue the Momir Basic strategy.

Play or Draw? The advantage for each is obvious: on the play, you get to make the first creature of each converted mana cost. On the draw, you get an extra card, so you get to make an extra creature or land-drop. Which is better? This question is certainly open to debate, but I prefer to play first. Even though your opponent will get the first creature, you will be able to match with a larger creature on turn 4 most of the time. The only time the drawing player has a real advantage is when they get a mana producer or card drawer on turn 2, letting them surge ahead of you in development.

As I discuss later, the 8-drop is the most important mana cost, which means that on the play, you get to make the first 8-drop, and on the draw, you only have to skip one creature instead of two to be able to make 8 drops.

Tips and Tricks
1. Play your creatures before attacking, since you may get a creature with a combat-helping ability, or a creature with haste.
2. If you already have a legend, avoid making more creatures with that mana cost if possible. You do not want to waste two turns when both of your Spirits of the Night go to the graveyard. Conversely, remember that you can remove your opponents' legends by playing copies of them.
3. The first time your opponent uses their avatar, right click on the ability, and choose to permanently auto yield to Momir Vig. It will save you a few clicks throughout the game.

In the last paragraph I made list of best possible creautes. Sundering Titan, Ashen Firebeast, Avatar of Woe, Bloodfire Colossus, Vampiric Tutor, Hoverguard Sweepers and the card we do not want to see is obviously Phage the Untouchable.


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