Monday, April 16, 2012

Digital economy still growing

The web-based economy is steadly growing. Digital goods and services can be sold, moved and transferred much more efficiently and quickly than the real counterparts. While some goods will of course remain real (food, clothes), many will move and become digital.

We see the trend in the numbers of Magic Online as well. Magic Online v3 is not the perfect software (it is slow, the UI is bad designed, there are still bugs in the trading interface...) still the number of online players is increasing and the popularity of the format is growing.

Being a bot owner in Magic Online is a great way to start a web-based business with few risks and, most important, with a low amount of money (read more here). I found myself in a surprisingly good  position: I started my bot in Magic Online v2, and now it is doing much better than my initial guesses. There are no excuses not to give a try.

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