Sunday, April 1, 2012

Momir Basic, part 2

This part is about Momir Basic Strategy. You may ask yourself what strategy could possibly be in deck full of basic lands, but in my opinion strategy is equal to luck in momir decks. Let’s start with deck building. Some basic lands are better than others. Surprised?

Naive manabase might consist of either 12 of each basic land, or 60 or all the same basic land. Neither is ideal. While creatures have activation costs and upkeeps of all different colors, mana cannot usually be spent early using any abilities; you are too busy summoning larger monsters. Later in the game, though, creature abilities get much more powerful. At the seven-mana-plus level, practically no creatures use Blue or White mana. A few use Green, but the most powerful abilities are Red and Black. I would recommend playing as many Mountains early in the game as possible, other lands if you hit creatures needing the mana, and Swamps if you run out of Mountains. My current recommended decklist: 15 Mountains, 13 Swamps, 11 Forest, 11 Island, 10 Plains. When playing your lands, try to keep the option of dropping colors like blue or green back until you get a creature that needs that color of mana, otherwise, you could end up with a landwalking liability and no color-specific gain for your trouble.

While a significant percentage of the time games will be decided by one player out-randoming the other, many games will come down to large creature stalls. In situations like these, generating another eight-mana creature might not be your best bet. You need to know what creatures are available at each mana level, and choose how much to spend based on what you really need. About this in next part. See you soon.

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