Monday, April 23, 2012


The profitability of a bot depends on the number of trades it performs.

For experience, I know that 70% of the trades ends up with a withdraw and only 30% with a sale. A minute or two usually occurs between two consecutives trades, thus it's reasonable for a bot to handle 7-8 trades per hours, and to perform only 2-3.

In a day this means about 65 trades, and in a month about 1950 trades . If you get these results (usually after 6 months after launch), you will most likely doing a net profit of 700-800 tixs per month. If your bot performs sligthly worse, your profit will decrease in proportion, still it is very unlikely for a bot with a good collection to go lower than 100-200 net tixs per month.

 Of course you can replicate the thing for any number of bots - the limits depends only on the computational power you have (i.e the number of PCs you can affort) and on the quantities of cards in the collections (of course an empty collection won't sell..)

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