Sunday, July 14, 2013

7 ways to make your travel a memorable experience, part 2

4. Put aside the guide. Rent a bike, scooter, car, or go for a long walk and explore new places. Take your time and enjoy. Choose places spontaneously and discover the joy of the ordinary, but typical to a country or a city you visit, life

5 Try local specialties. If you do not select a location spoiled by mass tourism, you have a good chance to meet unique regional dishes. Use every opportunity to taste the richness of flavors, which in many cases will not be available anywhere else. For some, this may not be easy due to financial issues, but still sometimes useful to turn a blind eye to these few pennies more and give yourself the opportunity to experience this great pleasure.

6 Meet people. If your destination is not large and it is not a tourist town, people are likely to derive great pleasure from short chat. Use every opportunity to get know the local people.

7 Stop for a moment. Travels require a lot of effort from us. Many places to "check" can effectively take away the pleasure of staying. If you want to feel the atmosphere and spirit of another culture, give yourself the time. Slow down. Choose one place that you particularly like and spend several hours there. The new environment stimulates thinking in unconventional way. We have the opportunity to look from a different perspective  into matters which are most important to us. Let your thoughts flow around critical issues and challenges, about the goals and plans for the future. Focus on appreciating what you have in life and on what you want to have more. Probably you will come up with proposals and ideas, which would never came if you were sitting in your office or your flat.

And above all, have fun as best you can. Think that you may never return to this place again.

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