Saturday, July 20, 2013

MTGO Tool New Release


Long time since I've been posting here now.
Anyways, I've heard from Jimmi (b1nary0mega) that people has been irritated because the MTGO Tool hasn't been working properly.
So, I remade the installer so currently the version handling started again from 0. So current release can be downloaded at (This URL will probably change, but I will make you aware then.)
Also, this new installer contains an autoupdater for the program that will run every time you start the program. I didn't really test out the installer 100% so I'm not sure how this will work. But please try and if you find any problems don't hesitate to mail me at mtgoswebot

Changes for the new version:
-New features
-Regions for sv-SE and en-US. default set to en-US if not sv-SE. fixes punctuation between different culture settings
-Added message box to inform user that test is occuring to see if program is still active
i. folks were saying program was unresponsive as they didn't know there was background process trying to reach server
-Updated server information for beta test
-Added message box to inform user if beta has expired when
-Updated sets up include everything up to Moder Masters (MMA, DGM, DDK, DDJ)
-Cleaned up interface a bit by shrinking boxes, realigning boxes, etc.


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