Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paused for a night...


Yet again I have left my main bot paused while I slept (for the third time in just over 2 years).
This wouldn't be much of a problem if I lived in the US, but being in UK means that, while I'm sleeping its the end of afternoon/evening in USA, which are usually the busiest business times.

Such thing can affect the trust from your regular customers and cause loss of business on the short and long run. Downtime should always be avoided at all costs.

Has such thing ever happened to you? How do you avoid it?  (maybe using CTRL S for 60 seconds pause only?)

Let me know in the comment section!.


  1. Hey Carlos,
    Been there and done that. As you mentioned, the pausing for 60 seconds is the best way to do it. Unfortunately, the CTRL+A and CTRL+S buttons I use A LOT, but normally catch myself.

    When I update prices, I try to remember to NOT use CTRL+A to select all when deleting(I've since forced myself to right click for this) and CTRL+S to save changes.

    Perhaps Albert could adjust this to make it CTRL+ALT+(A/S) instead???


  2. or just using like F keys, F5 resume/pause f6 60 sec pause, etc

  3. ML Bot for MTGO v4 uses CTRL+P instead of CTRL+A . "P" is supposed to mean "Pause". Also, save for "print", CTRL+P should not be a Windows popular key (for sure less popular than CTRL+A)

  4. I have done this many of times as well, Albert is the print option screen going to pop up everytime when you hit ctrl+p?