Thursday, July 18, 2013

RAMDisk the next step in performance (Part2)

A few weeks ago I started testing the performance of a VM stored in a RAMDisk agaisnt a VM stored in a SSD.

I must now say that it was a bit of a disappointment, as what I've found is that, although in a RAMDisk the data can be read about 10 times faster than a SSD, the reality is that from clicking launch on the MTGO Library bot, all the way to the bot entering the classifieds room the difference was under 5%.

MultiCPU servers are the best answer for you,
 if you're running a very big chain
The reason for this is because the biggest performance factor on MTGO Library bot loading times will be your CPU. The only factor where the RamDisk made a "noticeable" difference was in MTGO Loading time (reading files) which will only reduce it from 10 seconds to 6 or so.

In a few days I will explain you what the term "bottleneck" means and why we need to be aware of it when it comes to making a new machine.

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