Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A comprehensive guide for the aspiring botter (Naming) Part 3

Naming your bot(s):

Last week I asked you to start thinking about a name for your bot or bot chain.
Here are some things to keep in mind when naming your bot(s):

My first tip is to keep your name "clean", you want your customers to easily be able to remember and search for your name in the classifieds. Having a name like "_______NameBot" might seem like a good idea at first as it helps your bot stand out from the crowd and places you at the top of buddy lists. But the truth is, that it will more likely hurt your business when people forget your name and or delete that black sheep from their buddy list. It's better to choose a clean, preferably short name, it helps you stick out from the crowd of messy names and looks professional. Back in the days, before version 3.0 the classifieds were sorted alphabetically so a name like "_______NameBot  made more sense but was later changed to a random order to deter people from using these names.

A good idea is to have a name that starts with one of the first few letters of the alphabet.
This places your bot in the top part of buddy lists which always is a good idea.
You don't need to be on the absolute top, just keeping it above the majority will ensure that you're maintaining maximum visibility.

Another good idea is to keep your name short. This gives a clean look and makes it easy to remember. A fitting word or name such as "Card" followed by "Bot" gives a serious look and makes you stick out from the rest.

I'd say the most important in naming your bot is having the word "Bot" in your name. This ensures every customer knows exactly what they're dealing with and won't confuse people whether you're a human or a bot. You should never claim that your bot is a selling human. This will just frustrate your customers and make sure they never visit your stores again.

Chains and different naming options:

There are different ways of numbering your bots in a chain. The most common way is to just put a number after the name: NameBot, NameBot2, NameBot3
and so on.

This is the way I prefer as I think it looks best, but there is one issue with this pattern.
When you reach NameBot10 it will not place itself after NameBot9 in the list.
It'll sort itself after NameBot, looking something like this:

  • NameBot
  • NameBot10
  • NameBot2
  • NameBot3
Which is pretty frustrating, but can be prevented by naming your bots CardBot01, CardBot02 and so on. I prefer the first way as I don't like having "01, 02, 03" after my names just based on looks so I named my bots ArchBot, ArchBot2, ArchBot3, ArchBot4 and ArchBot5 but I'll have to deal with the sorting issue if I ever get to ArchBot10.

Another good way of naming your bots is using letters instead of numbers, which ensures that you don't have to deal with any issues regarding sorting. For example CardBotA, CardBotB, CardBotC and so on.

Now it's up to you to come up with a good name for your chain, try to keep these things in mind and remember to write down every name idea you get, but don't rush it! You don't need to register the accounts just yet.

This is all I have for this time, next week we'll talk about hardware.
As always I'll gladly answer any questions you might have in the comments.

-Tom (Sitrec)
Archbot MTGO Store: ArchBot, ArchBot2, ArchBot3, ArchBot4 & ArchBot5


  1. that doesnt happen in v4 i think.
    If u search for "namebot" i think u get the results all shuffled . (like 2 then 5 then 3 then 9 etc)

  2. @Carlos Lazaro I think that's a really silly design choice. Why are they making it awkward for botters when they know the game is depending on our services?