Sunday, July 26, 2015

Unusual rulings from Gatherer

Battle of Wits: In tournaments, you must be able to shuffle your entire deck within a reasonable amount of time.
Candles of Leng: Unless something weird happens, the card that's drawn will be the card that was revealed.
Char-Rumbler: Yes, Char-Rumbler's printed power is -1. (...)
Chaos Orb: You can't interfere in any physical way with the casting of this card.
Chaos Orb: It must flip 360 degrees (that's what "flip" means). And this flip must be in the air and not in your hand.
Demonic Pact: Yes, if the fourth mode is the only one remaining, you must choose it. You read the whole contract, right?
Falling Star: It must flip like a coin and not like a Frisbee.
Forced Fruition: Yes, the opponent draws seven cards. It's not optional.
Gideon Jura: (...)He may block any eligible attacking creature, including one that's attacking him! (...)
Goblin Game: When it comes to choice of items, use common sense. (...)
Island of Wak-Wak: This is not an Island.
Lich's Mirror: (...) If you would lose the game again for any of the reasons above, Lich's Mirror has its effect again...and again...and again. (...)
Lion's Eye Diamond: (...) Yes, this is a bit weird.
Lore Seeker: The booster pack can be from any Magic: The Gathering set, but you must provide it. Consult your co-conspirators for guidance.
Lore Seeker: (...) You may look at the cards in that pack, but you can’t draft any cards from it. You’ll pass the new booster pack as normal. That was very generous of you.
Mindslaver: You could gain control of yourself using Mindslaver, but gaining control of yourself doesn't really do anything.
Misthollow Griffin: Misthollow Griffin can also be cast from a player's hand.
Nameless Race: This currently has no creature type. It's Nameless.
Relentless Rats: Yes, you're allowed to have a deck consisting of sixty Relentless Rats and nothing else.
Skyshroud Falcon: No it is not a Falcon creature type. It is a Bird.
Sleeper Agent: This card is a bit weird. (...)
Steamflogger Boss: Contraption is a new artifact type. There are currently no artifacts with this type. And there's no current game meaning of "assemble."
Power Play: (...) Not all power plays bear fruit.
Promised Kannushi: Yes, Soulshift 7. (...)

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