Sunday, July 26, 2015

Let's talk more about Play Points.

Hi Everyone!

It appears that I made a huge error (well not really) when reading the article talking about Play Points on the Wizards site.

The error was that I thought it said the points were tradable. They are not.

This is a big deal.

It's not like Wizards is even trying to make us think they care about the cost to their players. They are giving us prizes that can only be spent on playing more events. That's like when (way back) companies would play workers in vouchers only good at their store forcing employees to give their entire pay back to the employer.

Now wait a minute, there might not be anything wrong with play points; but if it walks like a duck.

What about Play Points seems wrong? The company sells cards why aren't the prizes cards? Because Play Points are crappy.

Hmmm...Mystery solved, that was easy.

I think play points are trying to cut out the selling of booster packs to Bots for tickets to play more tournaments.

This is a huge problem because Wizards has adamantly said they don't get involved in the secondary market. Unfortunately, this looks an awful lot like they're simply negating the necessity of a secondary market. The entire idea is that they will be able to sell more booster packs this way.

I'm sure most people have a great opinion of Wizards of the Coast but I have found that the company has absolutely zero regard for their customers. They are clearly taking advantage of having a monopoly on Magic Online. They are trying to cheap out on prizes and squeeze more profit from people by making the thing that draws players to Magic Online (the ease of finding competitive play) worse.

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